First of the DopeLoco Product line, the Welcome Bae'sBall T is built for comfort, leisure and repetitive wears for you and Bae. 

With this design we wanted to introduce you to our new logos all in one shot, incorporating our soon to be classic DopeLoco word mark as well as our 3 crescent "thought bites" which symbolically represents "Be-Dope-Always" & "dOpe-lOcO."

The Welcome Bae'sBall T name is the result of pure coincidence. The goal was to release an any-sex suitable shirt design to represent our strong belief in community and oneness. Being that the shirt is a baseball style design (to symbolize team effort)  the plan was to simply call this our Welcome Baseball T. 

However... a typo in the copy read "Welcome Baesball T" instead.

This mistake first caused us to simply shake our head while preparing to edit the typo, however, after careful thought and consideration, it was decided that the universe's will would be met; resulting in what is now the official T for "Baes" everywhere lol.

Be Dope Always!

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